Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Before we enjoy our fabulous feasts, it’s fun to work up those appetites with some morning exercise on turkey day! How about hosting a “Turkey Trot” at your community?

Turkey trots have become very popular as a way to have fun with family and friends, and often raise money for local charities. Yours could just be for fun and exercise (and maybe include some prizes!), or ask loved ones to sponsor residents who “trot” and donate the money to a special cause. Either way, you’ll be getting residents (and staff!) moving! Of course, if the weather is too cold to go outside, an inside turkey trot will do the trick. Residents in wheelchairs can self-propel too.

So, have residents help make a few posters early this week, find some fun music to play, grab some energetic staff to lead the fun, and do the turkey trot!

Have great week, and we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!

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