Success Stories on Managing Apathy

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A few weeks ago, we asked you to share some of your strategies for helping residents with apathy become more involved in activities. Gina Gentilini-Borzilleri, the Activities Director at Lorien Elkridge in Maryland, sent us a few wonderful examples of things she has tried with residents where she’s has had success! We thought we’d share them with you.

Gina says that one of the residents chooses to stay in her room and doesn’t like to watch television or be in groups. “I learned that she likes to read her Bible and sing Christian songs daily by herself. When I visit her, I always ask if she has done her Bible reading and singing yet, which makes her feel special because I remember that she has her individual bible study daily. Sometimes she will say she is just about to start singing her hymns and I will remind her of my favorite Christian hymn and start singing it to be assured that she participates in her routine. I also like to pull the blinds all the way up and tell her to view God’s nature which promotes stimulation in viewing the area and cars that pass.”

Gina has another great idea that may work with residents new to your community:

“For residents that are new and show no interest in activities, I invite them to meet other residents in a quick personal setting. When I see that they have something in common with another resident, I use this to my advantage. I tell the resident that their new friend is asking for them to attend an activity. I also ask the new friend to please say hello to the new resident and ask them to sit next to you. This has worked on many occasions because the new resident actually sees that others are asking about them and they have no idea that I orchestrated it. The existing residents also feel appreciated because they know they are helping someone and have experienced the transition of being in a nursing home themselves.”

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