Wandering Worries

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Wandering is common for many people with dementia, and can sometimes be frustrating and nerve-wracking for caregivers. DailyCaring.com has an article about wandering this week. The article describes some reasons why people with Alzheimer’s disease might wander:

Fear or stress: they might not recognize where they are, the environment is overstimulating, or a loud noise or confusing situation could upset them

Basic needs: they might be looking for food, a bathroom, or just want to get some fresh air

Searching: they might get lost while looking for someone or something

Boredom: they could be looking for something to do

Old routines: they might be trying to go to work, do chores, or run errands like they used to

When you or your staff notices a resident who is wandering, think about these possible explanations for the behavior and address any unmet needs they may have. If the wandering is due to boredom or the person is reliving old routines, find something for them to do where they can be active and engaged. Some residents just enjoy walking, and if they are supervised, safe and content, then so be it!

To read the full article from DailyCaring.com, click on the link below:


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