Audio Books: a Great Alternative for Book Lovers with Dementia

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Many older adults who loved to read when they were younger find reading more difficult as they age and their eyesight and/or cognitive ability declines. If you know someone who you think would still enjoy a great book but is unable to read a print version, consider getting them a book in audio format so they can listen instead! This can help stimulate the mind, entertain someone who is bored, and bring back pleasant memories from a much-loved book.

You can get audio books (on tape, CD, or even a digital version to download) for free from a local library, and buy audiobooks online through Amazon’s “Audible” and other similar web stores. Podcasts are also very popular, free, and the subjects covered are endless! You can download a podcast app for free on most smart phones and use the app to search for a variety of podcasts, and also listen on your computer by going to a podcast’s website and choosing the episode you want to hear.

This recent article from includes additional information and benefits of listening to audio books:

For family members looking for a Father’s Day present for their loved one with dementia, an audio book about a favorite topic of theirs, or a favorite novel from their younger days can be the perfect gift, along with a portable CD or mp3 player!

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