How Engaged are Your Residents in Activities?

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When it comes to engaging residents in activities, especially people who have dementia, one size does not fit all. It can be challenging find activities that a particular resident will take part in and enjoy. In addition, communities sometimes rely on nursing assistants to engage residents in activities, and these staff are often not trained on how to do this effectively.

For some helpful resources on how to increase resident engagement, we invite you to visit These resources were developed through a Master’s level Recreation Therapy class at Temple University, and are easy to use and share with staff.

Check out this handout for tips for increasing engagement in preferred activities (it’s attached to this email as a pdf file as well):

This outlines engagements relationship with current F-Tags for Administrators:

And finally, here is a performance improvement handout (also attached). It includes some basic questions to consider if engagement is lower than desired:

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Admin Handout




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