Keep Learning and Trying New Things!

Hello everyone,

As we begin a new year, we know that for many of you, our monthly intervention visits will soon be ending. We hope that over the past months we’ve helped you and your staff understand that this is more than a year-long program that ends when we leave. We encourage you to continue to use the information and ideas we’ve shared to keep learning, teaching others, and exploring new ways to manage behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

We’d like you to take a few minutes this week to think about how you plan to sustain the efforts you have started this year. Please share your thoughts with your research facilitator, and we’d be delighted if you shared them with us by responding to this email too! (P.S. You will continue to receive these weekly tidbits through the end of the study unless you reply and ask to be removed from the list.)

Have a great week!

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