Go Outside!

Hello everyone,

We hope you and your staff are all doing well amid this crisis, and that your residents and their families are coping well too.

We were happy to get these pictures (please see attached files) from our friends at an assisted living home. On one of our recent sunny days, the staff encouraged residents to walk (or self-propel) outside onto their patio to take in some fresh air and sunshine. Fresh air, sunshine and nature are good for the soul, and we could all use that right about now!

So this week, as residents may be getting restless with the change to their routine and lack of outside visitors, have them take turns going outside for a walk in pairs or several at a time. Bring a speaker out to play music, or spend time reminiscing about their favorite outdoor childhood games. If it’s cloudy, have them sit down, look up and tell you what shapes they see in the clouds. Your staff will probably enjoy this too! Let us know how it goes.

Have a great week and be well!

Residents outside

Walking outside

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