Shower Time

Hello everyone, Just about everyone who works with people with dementia can tell you how difficult it can sometimes be to get them to take a shower. has a helpful article with 7 tips on how to get a person with dementia to take a shower. Click here to read the full article. Below are the […]

Let’s Talk About Falls

Hello everyone, This Tuesday is the first day of Autumn, often referred to as “fall” as we see leaves falling and feel temperatures falling too. Fall also gets us thinking about…well…falls. This year especially, with residents staying in their rooms more due to COVID-19, and group exercises, family visits, outings and activities cancelled or minimized, […]

Mid-week Tidbit: Deadline to apply for CARES Act funding is fast approaching!

Hello everyone, If you have some residents on Medicaid waiver and would like to apply to receive funding through the CARES act, the deadline is August 3rd. To learn more about how to apply, you might find it helpful to watch the video:;!!EIXh2HjOrYMV!Oc3k0dQa-8Lw9HYkQir7SRxJ2sSGElG6ebT39ypuG_Ep3STLGoQE1wV6xAzswCSBrttvGg$ These funds can help to pay for hazard pay for staff PPE, […]

Try, Try Again

Hello everyone, If at first you don’t succeed…well, you know the rest: Try, try again! How often do we ask residents to join us for exercise class or another activity, have them say “no”, and we say “ok” and move on to the next person. Then after a few “no thank-you’s” from them, we give […]

Don’t Mask your Feelings! Tips for Communicating with your Residents While Wearing PPE

Hello everyone, We hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July holiday weekend! With COVID-19, care providers need to wear masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment) that prevent spread of the disease – but masks can also cause communication challenges, particularly for older adults living with dementia. This 20-minute video shows simple, effective ways to communicate […]

Volunteers for Outdoor Walks

Hello everyone, First off, we hope all of you who are nursing assistants had a wonderful Nursing Assistant Appreciation Week and that your residents and fellow staff helped you feel appreciated, valued and loved! These have been very difficult months for all of us, but your commitment to your work and the residents you serve […]