Go Outside!

Hello everyone, We hope you and your staff are all doing well amid this crisis, and that your residents and their families are coping well too. We were happy to get these pictures (please see attached files) from our friends at an assisted living home. On one of our recent sunny days, the staff encouraged […]

Person-Centered Care During COVID-19

Hello everyone, Our thoughts are with all of you, your residents, and staff during this stressful time of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. You and your staff are likely busy reassuring the nervous loved ones of your residents, reminding staff of infection prevention protocols, and cancelling group outings and activities. With so many changes to […]

March into Spring

Hello everyone, March is here and soon you’ll want to be spending more time outside with residents enjoying the spring sunshine and flowers. Let’s get ready! Encouraging residents to move more now can help improve balance, maintain or increase lower body strength, and improve flexibility, which will make it easier for everybody to go outside. […]

Never Give Up on Activity!

Hello everyone, How often do we see a group of residents participating in a recreational activity, but notice that at least a few of them are left out… sitting in the corner looking on? Often, these more “challenging” residents are the people who most need to be active and engaged in activity so they avoid […]

Valentine’s Day Dance Contest!

Hello everyone, Valentine’s Day is this Friday and many of you are probably hosting parties in your communities to celebrate the day of LOVE. Well, we LOVE moving and dancing!!! This week at your parties, make sure to put on some music and get everyone dancing. Show us your moves!!! Send us pictures of your […]

How to Respond to Repeating Questions

Hello everyone, Sometimes people with dementia ask the same question or say the same thing over and over and over again. Although we know that the person doesn’t realize he/she is doing this, it can still become extremely frustrating for staff who want to help, but may eventually give up and begin ignoring the person’s […]

Huddle Up to Help Residents

Hello everyone, With the Super Bowl just a week away, we thought this would be a good time to talk about the benefits of a “huddle.” Football players often huddle up before plays to make sure every team member on the field knows what the plan is. The same “huddle” concept can be extremely effective […]