Mid-week Tidbit: Deadline to apply for CARES Act funding is fast approaching!

Hello everyone, If you have some residents on Medicaid waiver and would like to apply to receive funding through the CARES act, the deadline is August 3rd. To learn more about how to apply, you might find it helpful to watch the video: https://webex.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1348276&tp_key=fa54a9fb41__;!!EIXh2HjOrYMV!Oc3k0dQa-8Lw9HYkQir7SRxJ2sSGElG6ebT39ypuG_Ep3STLGoQE1wV6xAzswCSBrttvGg$ These funds can help to pay for hazard pay for staff PPE, […]

Don’t Mask your Feelings! Tips for Communicating with your Residents While Wearing PPE

Hello everyone, We hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July holiday weekend! With COVID-19, care providers need to wear masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment) that prevent spread of the disease – but masks can also cause communication challenges, particularly for older adults living with dementia. This 20-minute video shows simple, effective ways to communicate […]

PPE Pointers

Hello everyone, Dr. Heidi White and some of her colleagues in Durham, NC created this quick video to remind healthcare workers about the importance of facemasks and how to wear them properly. Please take a look and share with your staff.  Dr. White offers some helpful tips, like how to lower your voice while wearing […]

Helpers for Residents, and Ways Residents Can Help!

Hello everyone, As the COVID-19 crisis continues and visitors are still not allowed into your communities to see their loved ones, we thought some of your residents who may be feeling especially lonely or depressed at this time might benefit from this great free service offered by the Institute on Aging—the Friendship Line! https://www.ioaging.org/services/all-inclusive-health-care/friendship-line TOLL […]

Get Residents Moving During ADL Care!

Hello everyone, With so many residents staying in their rooms because of COVID-19, we want help you find ways to keep them moving in their small spaces. Integrating physical activity while helping residents with their activities of daily living is a great way to do this, especially if you are short on staff during this […]

Go Outside!

Hello everyone, We hope you and your staff are all doing well amid this crisis, and that your residents and their families are coping well too. We were happy to get these pictures (please see attached files) from our friends at an assisted living home. On one of our recent sunny days, the staff encouraged […]