Using “DICE” to Assess and Manage Behaviors…Let’s Start with “D”

Hello everyone, Today we are going tackle the first part of DICE, a tool you can use to assess and manage behavior change in people with dementia. DICE stands for: Describe the behavior Investigate the influence of things like cognitive status, environment, caregiver approach, physical/medical disorders, and psychiatric symptoms Create a plan Evaluate if it works (Kales, Gitlin, Lyketsos, 2014, […]

Facebook Page Contest

Hello everyone, Starting March 25th, in addition to emailing the weekly tidbits, we will also be posting them on the EIT-4-BPSD Facebook page at:  We invite you to “like” or “follow” our page, and post comments and photos!  And while we’re on the topic of communicating ideas, consider doing what one smart group in […]