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Research Article on Simulations in Education

This is an online version of Lloyd Rieber’s chapter on reviewing research on educational animations and simulations from the Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning. Although it shows that physics animations can be effective, there are some interesting caveats to consider: … Continue reading

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ESL Blog

There are a lot of great applications for language learning with new technologies coming out these days, and this instructor is determined to explore them all. From Second Life to YouTube, you will fun something fun to do on this … Continue reading

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Birth Blog

Sometimes the Penn State faculty are ahead of us. Here’s an interesting blog from Natalie Jolly on media perception of birth issues. Between TomKitten, Brangelina, and Brittney, she has no shortage of stories to comment on.

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Beware CSS for Superscript/Subcript

Superscripts/Subscripts as “Presentation” Both HTML and XHTML include the SUP tag for superscripts and the SUB tag for subscripts. However, if you’ve been involved in the standards communities, you may be “warned” against using the SUP and SUB tags and … Continue reading

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My Favorite Web 2.0 Services (For the Introvert)

As a dedicated introvert, I sometime find a lot of Web 2.0 tools overwhelming (i.e. a low signal to noise ratio). I have to confess I’ve yet to bond with, Twitter or Flickr. For one thing, I’ve gotten bored … Continue reading

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12 Byzantine Rulers Podcast

This is a 12-part podcast about Byzantine history from Lars Brownworth as structured through the lives of 12 Byzantine rulers. I’ve only listened to part one, but I liked the discussion of the historiography of Byzantine studies and how it … Continue reading

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Is Dreamweaver Dead?

I would say yes and no. Right now, it is possible for a casual user to go to certain blog sites or “friending” sites (i.e. My Space/Facebook) and create and edit a robust site. This is a good development for … Continue reading

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