Is Dreamweaver Dead?

I would say yes and no.
Right now, it is possible for a casual user to go to certain blog sites or “friending” sites (i.e. My Space/Facebook) and create and edit a robust site. This is a good development for allowing more people access to their Web space.
But…for the Web professional I think the need to use and understand HTML markup will remain and Dreamweaver is still one of the better tools for quickly setting up and previewing a page, but not creating “garbage code” that makes Standards professionals (including me) get the twitch.
Ironically, I find I’m addicted to markup. I want to see it. I want to control it. Dreamweaver lets me do this. I actually compose HTML content for other tools within Dreamweaver then cut and paste the raw HTML into other tools like ANGEL.
So…although most blog entries will be within Movable Type, don’t be surprised if a longer entry goes through Dreamweaver first!

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