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How Long Does it Take to Blog?

It depends on the person and the entry type, but for me it breaks down like this: 10 minutes to post a recommended URL: This includes time for edits and posting 30 minutes to post an average “rant”: This includes … Continue reading

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MTO Projects Accepted in TLT Symposium

One of the great ways to “close” a project is to see a faculty member talk about the impact of your tool in a presentation. So, I’m pleased that two former MTO Projects were accepted in this year’s TLT Symposium. … Continue reading

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Accessibility Tips for Gray Text

The emergence of Web 2.0 has seen the emergence of dark gray text as a new standard in graphic design. I like it myself, but it’s not with out controversy as can be seen in the classic blog article Has … Continue reading

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Database Wonkery

Database can be a slightly scary word for many people, but I have to admit I’ve a big fan of them ever since they helped me figure out some weird pattern in Celtic historical phonology. Since then I’ve had to … Continue reading

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Manipulating Names in Excel

Some days, I spend a surprising amount of time massaging data in Excel in order to move them from database to another. On this round, I was working with names (sometimes all capitals, sometimes not), plus the original source had … Continue reading

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Callege Saga: Live vs. Games

This video from You Tube effectively demonstrates some of the differences between the “real” world and the “virtual” world of narrative games. Enjoy

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