Database Wonkery

Database can be a slightly scary word for many people, but I have to admit I’ve a big fan of them ever since they helped me figure out some weird pattern in Celtic historical phonology.
Since then I’ve had to futz with databases at a variety of jobs including the bank, my freelance writing job, the comic book distribution company and Penn State University.
With the right training and tools, you can actually get your database tools to automate some truly tedious procedures and simplify your life somewhat. I’m pretty sure the deployment of a clever formula has saved me from throwing my computer out the window more than once.
The problem, unfortunately, is that most databases aren’t so user friendly (and too many assume you understand SQL). But that’s another topic.
I’m not sure what the solution is to database phobia, but I know I’ll always be a fan…except when *&*$!! field has been miscoded.

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