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Accessibility – Avoiding the Retrofit

Accessibility is another scary word for many people, often associated with high costs and strange tags. But having worked with it the past few years, I think the real problem isn’t making your products accessible in the beginning. The real … Continue reading

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Tags or Categories?

Movable Type supports both tags and categories, so which one is best? The answer is that either works, but that whichever one you pick should be used consistently (e.g. always use “blogs” as a tag/category not “blog” in some cases … Continue reading

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What made me switch to XHTML? XSLT!

I read an interesting article from HTML Goodies reminding me that the switch to XHTML was mostly hype for a long time As Philbin points out, most of the reasons given aren’t valid. This is because XHTML and HTML … Continue reading

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Fun ICWSM Conference Links

I just attended an intense (but fabulous) session on Web 2.0 technology and how to search it. The conference site is Below are some interesting URL’s I picked up along the way – Top 500 Topic Folders in Bloglines … Continue reading

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