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Planning my LING 404 Syllabus

I’m teaching again, and so I’m in the midst of the first chore – planning the syllabus. I’m sure every instructor at Penn States goes through some version of the process I describe below, but it’s worth noting how much … Continue reading

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Adding a Frame to all Images Within CSS

I write a lot of documentation with screen captures, but many times the images have white backgrounds and don’t like without a border. You can add borders in Photoshop, but if you have access to the CSS, it may be … Continue reading

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Strange Reality in Second Life

Sometimes you find the oddest examples of real life detail in your Second Life fantasy. One is the black & white avatar self portrait found in an high-end jewelry store. The other is the semi-ubiquitous soda machine found at both … Continue reading

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“The Season of Cheating”

Our senior director John Harwood pointed out that three top schools have had to expel multiple students for cheating on their final exams. He called this spring “the season of cheating”. The scandals at the Duke University Fuqua School of … Continue reading

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Can there be Accesibility 2.0?

We all have our favorite Web 2.0 apps (even cynical old me), but it cannot be denied that any new Internet technology must inevitably be followed by accessibility issues. That’s just part of the new Internet cycle. Fortunately, this is … Continue reading

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Monitoring Faculty Listservs

As an instructional designer, I find it’s a good idea to figure out what “civilian” faculty are thinking (the ones who haven’t heard of “learning objective congruence” yet). One of my favorites is to monitor various discipline specific Listservs for … Continue reading

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Second Life – On Mars

If you visit the Spaceport Alpha (International Spaceflight Museum island and take the rocket to space, you can take a walking tour of the solar system. Here I am on Mars. I assume that the developers used NASA photos to … Continue reading

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Second Life Saturn V

My latest “hobby” has been to visit different parts of Second Life and take pictures. In this one I went to the space museum at the Spaceport Bravo island and flew to the top of the Saturn V rocket platform … Continue reading

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