Monitoring Faculty Listservs

As an instructional designer, I find it’s a good idea to figure out what “civilian” faculty are thinking (the ones who haven’t heard of “learning objective congruence” yet).
One of my favorites is to monitor various discipline specific Listservs for instructors. I still prefer the Listserv because they do come into my e-mail, plus I can usually put them into Digest mode to scan for hot topics.
Some good one include
* H-TEACH@H-NET.MSU.EDU (excellent discussions of different history teaching issues)
* (this one goes all over the place!)
* Tomorrow’s Professor (advice for the busy faculty member)
For foreign language there’s also
* SEELANGS (Russian, Slavic)
* Arabic-L
What I appreciate about these lists is that I get to hear about real teaching issues that I probably would miss out on in my isolated cube. And sometimes you hear some great tips on how to navigate the Transsiberian railway!

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