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Ultimate Flash Protest Video

Is this a parable of man vs. machine or just a developer having a nervous breakdown dealing with the Flash Interface? Animator vs. Animation It is a reminder of why I both love and loathe Flash.

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Hexadecimal to Decimal in FileMaker 7+

This page revised. You can see revised formulas at the Got Unicode Blog. The new formulas allow you to convert numbers even if they have variable lengths. FileMaker can do many things, but alas does not include a built in … Continue reading

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A Really Memorable Physics Class

Here’s a page full of quotes from one semester in a physics course. As you can see, few of them deal directly with physics… except maybe for “It’s like unshooting your anti-grandmother… well, I don’t want to get sued … Continue reading

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How Many Blogs?

The Movable Type system at Penn State allows you to create multiple blogs for multiple topics. Which is best? If you want your blog to be a journal or diary, maybe one blog is best. Some of the “hottest” blogs … Continue reading

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Do Students Need Blog Guidelines? Of Course!

Blogging in an academic context is relatively new, so students may not be sure what to expect. And don’t forget that younger students may equate blogs to their Facebook account. Unless your course topic touches on what parties your students … Continue reading

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Intrigued by Multitouch Computing

Popular Mechanics has a cool demo of the cutting edge “multi-touch computing” technology from Windows and other vendors (including Apple’s iPhone). Basically it’s a computerized table top with a touch sensitive screen that lets you shuffle your digital library … Continue reading

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