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Excel 2007 New Conditional Formatting Tricks

If you have Excel 2007, you can add value bars or color coding to your cells depending on their value. It could be handy for some of those reports we write.

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Blog Writing Tips for Students and Others

You’ve started a blog, but now what? I’ve been getting some questions from people about what they should put in their blogs, so I thought I would begin compiling some blog writing tips. DECIDE YOUR THEME There are lots of … Continue reading

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Blogs and Accessibility

I was in a meeting yesterday with Bill Welsh of the Office for Disability Services along with Christian Vinten-Johansen, Dave and Wendy to discuss accessibility of new technologies including blogs. How accessible were the blogs? Fairly accessibile, but with some … Continue reading

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Safari 3 First Impressions

It’s not an iPhone, but Safari 3 is a new Apple product to test. You can download Safari 3 for Mac & Windows at Here are my comments after a full day of testing. WINDOWS You need to get … Continue reading

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How can I disable Audio? Let me Count the Ways

I love the concept of audio (especially iTunes), but I’ve noticed that there are about 4 volume controls you can screw up in a typical set up. The minimum number is 2 1) The desktop volume control 2) In the … Continue reading

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