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Foxy Tunes – The plugin and the mashup

I’ve been lagging behind in finding cool new Web toys, but I did discover the Firefox plugin Foxy Tunes (it comes alone or bundled with Firefox Campus Edition. It incorporates a set of player controls at the bottom of your … Continue reading

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Instructor: Teach Thyself

I’m prepping for a course (along with many other of my ITS collegues) and I’m noticing with a certain amount of chagrin how hard it is for me to break free of the old lecture model. If I’m an instructional … Continue reading

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Penn State Sample Blogs

I’ve been asked if there are any good example blogs? Now that the Blogs at Penn State have been in production a few months, I can say there are some good samples out there. COURSES Amigos Hispanos (D. Gill) – … Continue reading

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Changing from .docx to .doc in Word 2007

For those of you running into compatibility problems with the new .docx format of Word 2007, you can set the default format back to .doc (Word 2003) You will have to scroll past the complaints against Microsoft.

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Fractions in CSS

If you want to use fractions (e.g. “1/2”) the “number slash number” solution is usually fine for most documents, but you can use CSS to make prettier smaller scale fractions…but is a wee cumbersome. Note: This solution was originally developed … Continue reading

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