Foxy Tunes – The plugin and the mashup

I’ve been lagging behind in finding cool new Web toys, but I did discover the Firefox plugin Foxy Tunes (it comes alone or bundled with Firefox Campus Edition.
It incorporates a set of player controls at the bottom of your Firefox window (yes I can now control iTunes from Firefox), but more importantly it comes with new buttons which link you to different informational sites related to the current track including and the Foxy Tunes music mashup page.
Here’s the page for Björk’s “Come to Me”
As you can see it links to YouTube, Pandora, LyricWiki, Rhapsody, Google and HypeMachine.
My only complaint is that HypeMachine apparently can’t handle the umlauted-o (ö) in Björk’s name…

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  1. Brad Kozlek says:

    Wow. That is really cool. Goes to show what you can do with an great extendable system like firefox.

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