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VOA Foreign Leader Pronunciation Guide

Given certain recent events, the issue of how to pronounce the name of foreign names came up in the news, so I did some research. It turns out that the Voice of America has a guide to how to pronounce … Continue reading

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Reading Student Feeds in Penn State Blogs

If you assign blogs to students, then one issue you have is keeping track of which students has which blog and what they posted. There are several tools people have been using: 1) A folder in Google reader or other … Continue reading

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Web Background Color Glitches for Penn State Logo

My colleague Dave Stong posted an informative entry on the problems of adjusting the colors of images vs. what the browser displays. Unfortunately, I know EXACTLY what he’s talking about. I create a version of the Penn State logo with … Continue reading

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Link Checker Firefox Plugin

One of the great time savers in the Web 1.0 (and 2.0) universe is the “Link Checker” plugin for Firefox. If you maintain any Web site at all and have a set of external links, this tool is a major … Continue reading

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Checking my Junk Mail Box

My current e-mail has semi-decent junk filtering, but alas sometimes it’s TOO good. So now I have a new chore…checking the junk box once a week for real messages. Today when I was checking it, I found at least two … Continue reading

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Adding Google Maps to a Blog or Web page

It looks like Google finally added an embed code which lets you embed any map you create into your Web page The Google Map embed instructions are fairly simple – you click “link to this map” to see the code. … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Color Check for Web Sites

Since Penn State supports both Mac and PC, it is important to make sure Web site colors look decent on both Mac and Windows. The usual quirk is that colors tend to be paler on a Mac and darker on … Continue reading

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A Jakob Nielsen Eyetrack Study

I regularly read the Jakob Nielsen usability newsletter, and this week he presented results from some eyetracking studies from the U.S. Census Bureau site. In the scanning images, red shows frequent hits, The point that struck me the most … Continue reading

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