Adding Google Maps to a Blog or Web page

It looks like Google finally added an embed code which lets you embed any map you create into your Web page
The Google Map embed instructions are fairly simple – you click “link to this map” to see the code. I recommend using the Preview function so you have exactly the zoom and location you want.
You can also create your own custom maps fairly easily with labeled pins (even color coded) and highlighting key areas. For once the vendor Google has provided decent MyMaps instructions, but I also learned from colleague Chris Millet’s video tutorial.
I’m glad to see that Google Maps is letting us embed maps. There are a lot of courses including political studies, sociology, geology, linguistics, history and many others where viewing maps is crucial to understanding events. Now instructors can create maps to fill in the gaps, and it’s great that you can zoom in and out. I even created a map to show the students where they went to high school (great for tracking dialects).
I thought I would embed a map as a demo. This shows the zip codes of State College and University Park

The code looks something like this

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2 Responses to Adding Google Maps to a Blog or Web page

  1. kim fox says:

    This is so cool. I plan to use it in some way or another. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  2. Cole says:

    This will be very useful in courses … I can see a very interactive map of Valley Forge for example, or a mine region map of West Virginia. It is good to see more and more people providing embed code for their services … makes me wonder when ads will show up in them.

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