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Blogging Update from Linguistics Course

Now that the semester is winding down, I did want to talk a little bit about how blogging is progressing in my course and if either the students or the instructor have learned anything. A while ago, I wrote what … Continue reading

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Basic Copyright Instinct,

Most copyright discussions focus on abstract concepts like abiding by the law or creator rights vs. maintaining creative dynamism in the society, and these are worthy concepts. But this interesting article from the Guardian on copyright and a pop-art exhibit … Continue reading

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Wolfram Demonstrations (Math/Illusions/Science)

I was looking around at some of my old bookmarks, and found an interesting site Wolfram, the makers of Mathematica. They have an area they call Wolfram Demonstrations Projects which are interactive mini applications made in Mathematica. The idea is … Continue reading

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Foreign Language Poetry on Lyrikline

One of my Listservs passed along a great resource on online poetry for many languages at This is similar to the Penn State Scola service which allows instructors to access foreign language video. For each language, you get to … Continue reading

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Yes I played with Spriograph

Based on the last post on the Facebook Friends network diagram, someone asked if I had played with Spirograph. The answer is yes of course – but now I’m grown up. So I stitch Jean Hilton designs instead. It’s amazing … Continue reading

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A Social Network Diagram…Straight from Facebook

I found a new tool in Facebook – the Friends Wheel and I was fascinated, not just because of the pretty colors, but because it replicates a sociological concept I was teaching about in a linguistics class. The one time … Continue reading

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Why Johnny Won’t Blog in Class

Both Cole Camplese and Bart Purcell have written interesting posts commenting on the fact that students in one course only blog when instructors tell them to and no other time. It’s somewhat depressing, but probably not surprising to anyone working … Continue reading

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Weird Excel Calculation Bug

Excel has a “bug” where calculations whose results are near 2^16 (65,536) may not be correctly displayed. * Microsoft – * Chance News 30 – What’s interesting to me is not the bug, per se, but the fact … Continue reading

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