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Using Calculus to Determine “Optimal Copyright”

Although we associate calculus with the hard sciences, in fact it’s an important tool for economic and business analysis. For instance, I just found a reference to a paper “Forever Minus a Day?: Some Theory and Empirics of Optimal Copyright” … Continue reading

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What’s your Personal Brand?

I’ve been viewing a training video on Web design project management that my colleague Audrey Romano suggested and I ran into an interesting concept that I think will help me understand navigating personnel dynamics in future projects. The training was … Continue reading

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PDF Likely an ISO Standard

According to this news story from Ars Technica, it appears that the Adobe PDF format will likely be recognized as an international standard by the international ISO standards organization. A lot of formats from commercial vendors have become de facto … Continue reading

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OK Maybe an Open Blog can Work

I just saw that my ETS colleague Brad Kozlek wrote about open blogging in a science lab and I honestly have to agree that this is a good model. In a recent round table with instructors using Blogs at Penn … Continue reading

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Are Blogs Notebooks?

We’ve been having some interesting discussions on how the expand and explain the full capabilities of our Movable Type Platform. Movable Type is the engine for Blogs at Penn State, but blogs are not it’s only capability. With the new … Continue reading

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Word 2007 to Dreamweaver CS3

I know we’re supposed to be getting away from the older Web 1.0 way of doing things, but since I’ve gone back to the Dark Side of Dreamweaver Development, I thought I would mention some benefits of converting Word files … Continue reading

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Browse or Search? – A little experiment

I just saw an announcement for an ancient Celtic Personal Names database, and I have to say that what excited me the most wasn’t the data, but the fact that it had a Browse button. One of the perennial issues … Continue reading

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