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HTML Tables are Not Evil…Just the Bad Ones

This is inspired by a fight I was having with a content management system trying to create a properly accessible data table. Those of us who follow Web standards and accessibility have heard the mantra that layout tables are bad. … Continue reading

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Create a Comic Strip

We’ve seen courses, especially social sciences, in which students are sometimes asked to write scenarios. Maybe it’s a vignette on a diversity issue or maybe you might be asked to write a script the miniseries on Balboa’s discovery of the … Continue reading

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People are Blog Migrating

When you’re in the trenches of tech support, it can be hard to tell if your documentation is helpful or so confusing no one knows how to begin to formulate a question. But I’ve been seeing that my colleagues are … Continue reading

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TWT Powerpoint Presentation for Spanish Department

Here’s some information on the Teaching with Technology Certificate I will give to the Spanish Dept tomorrow. The Blogs is a great way to store files you need to download somewhere else. TWTSpan08.ppt

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I Migrated A Blog

We have “Blog Migration Documentation” at, but I thought I should walk the talk. First, I found earlier that the export files from IE7 are funky to say the least, so I used Firefox (and documented this new quirk). … Continue reading

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Database Cleanup Outside In

I had some free time today, so I decided I would clean up my language database. As it happens, it’s a small relational database setup in File Maker with the following table relations. As you can see the Language table … Continue reading

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Disclosing Setbacks: A Serious Commitmment to Transparency

I think we all know that ANGEL had a minor meltdown during finals week. Although it was an unfortunate situation, I have to say I was impressed with the relative openness of how it was handled. The ANGEL Help team … Continue reading

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My PDF Digital Signature

Thanks to PDF and online forms, I think we’ve managed to streamline electronic forms, with only one minor gap – the actual signature. Recently, I was asked to to “complete and return” a PDF agreement form which usually includes your … Continue reading

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