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Web 2.0 Masquerading as Web 1.0 (interesting interface)

I just ran into the site German GROW, a site with cultural links for German teachers at It’s run by the AATG (American Association of German Teachers). Like the icons? It looks very Web 1.0. But click each link … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I just used the <u> (underline) tag!

OK we’re not supposed to the <u> (underline) tag because it confuses readers who might think an item is a link when it’s not. But surprisingly…it still has it’s uses. For instance, I use the <cite> tag for book titles … Continue reading

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The Organization is still in the URL

One issue we keep wrestling with in ITS is how do we hide our organizational structure so that our Web presence can be more seamless to the non-ITS savvy user. An interesting case is Studio 204. I must say it … Continue reading

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Portraits of “Famous People” from Library of Congress

I’m trying to track down images of key historical figures from U.S. history and I just found this site from the Library of Congress which lists peoples across the different collections. But I have to be honest here and … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 in linguā latinā

Yes there is now a community hub with everything in Latin at Actually, I think there has been a Latin community for every form of Internet technology, but it’s interesting to see how a relatively small user community (Latin … Continue reading

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