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When Fair Use Becomes Bad Writing

The plagiarism news wire came up with a new twist on plagiarism I had not considered before – the use of reference works in historical fiction. </p? Any novel writer who wants to be taken seriously by historians must of … Continue reading

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Electronic Reserves: An “Unglamourous” But Successful Service

Electronic Reserves – a University Libraries Service in which instructors request library content for their courses to be digitized and made available online to students. A few of these documents may be streamed music or online images, but truthfully most … Continue reading

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Partnering Dreamweaver with Drupal for Accessibility

As many regular blog readers know, I’m still a big fan of Dreamweaver even in this brave new Web 2.0 world. But shouldn’t I be exploring the new content management systems like Drupal and Movable Type…or even ANGEL? Actually I … Continue reading

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Parody Blogs – Another Benefit to Blogging

Sometimes blogs get a bad name (because, let’s face it, some blogs are better than others). But if we didn’t have bad blogs, where would we get parody blogs from? Like this gem from Santa Clause: Sunday 23 December 07 … Continue reading

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Green Blobs Algebra Game

I always like to find activities (including games) which apply what you learn to a real situation – even Cathedral Architecture. I just ran into a simple “Green Blobs” Equation Plotter Game in which students try to generate an equation … Continue reading

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Beware Scrambled Notation Syndrome

I’ve recently returned to the world of course development and am now working on some more mathematically oriented courses…which is nice because I can contemplate the minor teaching sins I and others commit in teaching “formalisms” (sometimes math, sometimes phonetics). … Continue reading

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Lawrence Lessig – Elizabeth’s Quirky View

I lucky enough to attend Lawrence Lessig’s Keynote address at the Penn State 2008 Symposium last week. If nothing else, it was worth it to see the mashup of George Bush and Tony Blair singing Endless Love to each other … Continue reading

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