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A Russian Pop Music Blog From ….

I know it’s another foreign language example, but … I do like this Far from Moscow blog which combines audio, picture and photos to get you the latest info on the Russian pop music scene. This is a totally Web … Continue reading

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Testing Validity and Cancelling an Latin AP Exam

Recently the College Board group who runs the Advanced Placement AP exams decided to eliminate four exams for financial reasons. One of them was unfortunately, the Latin Literature exam which covered texts from major Latin authors. The odd thing was … Continue reading

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Flickr Photo Contests

I ran into three Flickr “Contest” Areas where users post photos/digital art on certain themes (e.g. color, abstract and black & white) and a user group votes on it. You can even invite people with a striking image to submit … Continue reading

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Google Map Mashup for Linguistics

The World Atlas of Language Structures Online ( from the Max Planck Digital Library is a great new resource that maps languages with phonological, morphological or syntactic features. I wrote it up in my linguistics blog If you’ve ever wondered … Continue reading

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Facilitating Cross Unit Communication by Mixing Levels

A common theme in these parts is enable different areas of Penn State to effectively work together. I have been on a few projects where cross-unit projects which have come out reasonably well – the products are still in use, … Continue reading

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