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Elizabeth’s Sample Tweets

This was an experiment where I posted random thoughts throughout the day in a text file instead of in Twitter. Enjoy (but know that I did edit them down). July 12, 2008 8:39 – Eating 2 chocolates before editing wiki. … Continue reading

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Ah the Twitter Debate

My colleague Mary Janzen has an interesing blog post about her trepidation to use Twitter, and I have to say that she’s not the only one… I do follow some Tweets periodically (especially now that they are easy to read … Continue reading

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Accessibility for Novice Web Designers?

Right now I’m archiving some Teaching with Technology portfolios, which are online teaching portfolios created by Penn State graduate students, and every semester I face the same conundrum. On the one hand, we want to make the process of creating … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the Definition Box

Now that I’ve worked with several technical courses, I realize that one of the more important and tricky parts of building a course is making sure students are properly introduced to new terminology in the correct sequence. This may seem … Continue reading

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Some Custom Tech Tags

I am one of the many users who felt the need to create yet more TLT Tech Tags Unicode This version is the syllable /yu/ in Sanskrit. Dave also made one that was a therefore operator (⊃) symbol which resembles … Continue reading

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Paper Prototype Examples

From the Penn State Web Standards list For my own reference, this site has some good examples of different interfaces sketched on legal paper (and maybe some cocktail napkins). Also has a video showing a usability test with a … Continue reading

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A Formal Study of Online Social Loafing

An important, but not always acknowledged, aspect of team work in social loafing or the tendency in some individuals on some teams to slack off and let others fill in the gaps. I think we’ve all experienced it from either … Continue reading

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