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Metadata over Content – How to Build an Unusable Archive

I like to troll for new academic sites in my various lists, especially the Internet Scout Project, but I find that a large percentage of online archival repositories are so unusable I’ve stopped adding them to my own links library. … Continue reading

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Learning and Surprise

A Harrisburg colleague, Carol McQuiggan pointed out an interesting article on teaching from the New York Times “Geek Lessons” (Sep 21, 2008). One of the interesting points is that the author, Mark Edmundson argues that the role of the instructor … Continue reading

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Remebering Your Assumptions

One of the most challenging questions I ever got in a class wasn’t an advanced question, but rather a very elementary one on sentence structure. Almost all linguists assume that in a sentence The queen saw the corgi that you … Continue reading

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Discussing the Whiteboard

I see that yesterday’s post about our office white board did hit some nerves. There’s been continuing discussion of it on our director Cole Camplese’s blog. Thanks Cole for responding and cross-posting – I appreciate his willingness to put his … Continue reading

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Office Twitter vs Office Whiteboard…Is there a difference?

Being a modern office modern office worker means you must master both old communication channels like the community bulletin board as well as the new forms like Twitter…so here’s my take of an ongoing set of negotiations. Recently there was … Continue reading

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Is Independent Learning Really Learning?

A few summers ago, I was very interested in getting FileMaker to convert hex numbers to decimal numbers and vice versa. This was an arcance enough question that I could not find a ready answer either online or in the … Continue reading

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Is iTouch a Low-Cost Solution?

Jamie’s coffee read on the costs of purchasing tech is one that’s close to my heart. I came from a single-income household, but my mother decided to we needed invest in a computer – which was a Coleco Adam with … Continue reading

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