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World of Toothcraft

Way back at NMC 2006, I attended a gaming workshop and we were asked to design a game which would teach and motivate children to brush their teeth. To me, the interesting part of the game was writing a scenario … Continue reading

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Plagiarism as documented by Tom Lehrer

If I sound skeptical that college has changed so much, it’s probably because I was exposed to Tom Lehrer at too early an age. For instance his alma mater song Bright College Days from the late 1950s fondly recalls To … Continue reading

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Introducing Embroiderers to their Inner Math Wizards

Anyone familiar with embroidery, quilting, or knitting knows that some heavy duty math can come into the craft, depending on the pattern. Last night I was teaching a project called Optical Color Blending which is a showcase of mixing colors … Continue reading

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Is Wordle Too Holistic for Accessibility?

An interesting debate in the accessibility community was whether it made sense to accessify the artistic tag cloud service This is a service which converts text from either a Web page or a pasted text into an artistically rendered … Continue reading

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