World of Toothcraft

Way back at NMC 2006, I attended a gaming workshop and we were asked to design a game which would teach and motivate children to brush their teeth.

To me, the interesting part of the game was writing a scenario which would help children visualize the benefits of brushing their teeth while still focusing on “entertainment”. One of our group members suggested “War of Toothcraft” which would chronicle the never-ending fight between the evil foces of plaque and gingivitis versus the valiant fluoride, floss and mouth wash army.

So for your Halloween pleasure, I present World of Toothcraft. Pretend the text is scrolling towards infinity.

World of Toothcraft

It is after dinner and nightfall has descended. But there are creatures stirring in the night and a great battle will be fought in Enamel City of Dentitia, a constant war that has been going on throughout the ages.

The warriors – the Thirty-Two (Teeth) including the noble Tommy and Tina Tooth (remembering to provide role models of both genders here).

The enemy – the relentless hordes who use their deadly acids to attack and destroy Enamel City. The worst are the Plaque Monster (aka Paul) and the Bacteria Beast (aka Barry). Gorging on sugars and carbs, they generate noxious acids which threaten Enamel City with the pain of eternal root canals.

The weapons – the laser tooth brush, the liquid sapphire mouth wash and the ultimate super weapon, the stealth flosser.

Are you ready to join the fight to save Dentitia? Begin shooting!!!

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