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Diagrams in an Online Course

One of the courses I’ve been working on for a while is an upper-level engineering course. One of the “hidden” requirements is that students be able to provide sketches of problem scenarios. The idea is that a sketch can help … Continue reading

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Learning to Count…Again

The Math Forum sent on a nice site – about parents helping children learn math, starting with the basics…counting. There are also some great videos of how and when kids go astray in the beginning. There are lots of … Continue reading

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My Once-A-Week Blog Challenge

When Cole issued his once-a-day blog challenge in August, I did not participate, and unfortunately, I may not participate in the new once-a-day challenge issued by Allan for February. However, I am glad the challenge was issued anyway. I was … Continue reading

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A Random Complicated Week

It’s Friday afternoon, so it must be time for a blog entry. But what to write? It looks like it will be a general observation that life is complex. This week was busy and “diverse”. I attended two accessibility committee … Continue reading

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Import/Export Literacy?

I know we probably don’t need a new literacy, but today I’ve been contemplating the task of possibly transferring large repository of links into I could hand-enter the links, but the repository does number in the thousands (in other … Continue reading

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