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My Ongoing Identity Crisis

Cole Camplese’s word of the week is identity, which is an interesting follow-up to community. As I commented in my posting on the word community I believe that each person is actually a member of multiple communities and may have … Continue reading

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Triannual DMCA Exemption Fest

One provision of the DMCA act is that every three years, the community can petition for exemptions to the no-hacking clause. A popular theme this year is a request of exemptions which allow users to unlock DRM if the authentication … Continue reading

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Defining “Community” vs Diversity

Cole issued a challenge for the community to define “community”. As it turns, out this question is also relevant to discussions we have been having about whether there is a divide in our community. I think everyone agrees that “community” … Continue reading

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MathML for IE7 Update

My last write-up on MathML indicated that I was having problems implementing MathML on Internet Explorer 7. As it turns out I did get a rapid note from Design Science, the creator of the MathType equation editor which explained that … Continue reading

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Time for a Montenegran Web Site?

While I was Brett’s Gaming Commons blog entry on the totally awesome RJDJ interactive music application for the iPhone, my inner geek noticed that the download was actually from with the .me domain I knew about the .tv domain … Continue reading

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MathML Testing & One Weird Benefit

Math ML is one of those standards that has been waiting for implementation for years. It’s been on my list to try “one of these days” and I used an engineering course to try it out. First, it helps that … Continue reading

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