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Can Teen Love & Statistics Come Together?

There have been several strategies proposed to encourage teen girls to relate more to math, but perhaps the most romantic is The Manga Guide to Statistics as publicized in the Chance Newsletter from Dartmouth. It’s the story of typical teen … Continue reading

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Disabled by Technology?

When presenting accessibility issues to the “normally enabled”, I think it helps to present scenarios when anyone could need the same accommodation as provided for “disabled” users. For example…if you are on Adobe Connect and the audio is acting weird, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wireless Radio

My mother lives in State College now, but missed listening to Baltimore news on the radio. Plus reception in the mountains has never been reliable (her house in NE Pa had cable decades before HBO because of reception. She got … Continue reading

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Ordered Lists and CSS – Are we losing semantics?

I’m about to question a pearl of standards/accessibility conventional wisdom and ask if we need to rethink how ordered lists are coded in terms of CSS. That is, are we putting too much semantic information in the CSS? The standard … Continue reading

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Collaborative Data Projects

I ran into an interesting site on collaborative data collection at the The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education. The site is a series of data collection activities which students in a school can do such as timing … Continue reading

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MathML Tutorial Posted

I posted an MathML Tutorial in preparation for a talk Feb 5. You can also click “MathML” in the categories menu on the left to view all commentary on MathML (so far). There are also some test pages available: Firefox … Continue reading

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WebAIM Screen Reader Usage Survey

The WebAIM organization recently published results of a screen reader usage survey with 1121 responses. I do have a summary below, but I recommend reading the WebAim results since they have their own interpretations to add. Platform/Browser 1. The survey … Continue reading

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