Headphones…On a Phone

This week I tested a piece of equipment I’ve been curious about…headphones which plug in to my phone. I tested it when I used the phone to call in to Monday’s NMC Adobe Monday’s meeting. It was very easy – plug in the jack (which looks like a phone jack), activate the “headphone” setting and dial away.

It’s the 4th set I own (in addition to the ones on my speakers, the one on my iPod and the one to Breeze)…but I’m really glad I asked for them.

Since I was on a telephone, the sound was very good, and I didn’t have to reserve a conference room. This can save space for those webinars only I will be attending or ones where I can’t make the central conference room because of back to back meetings. The one thing I missed was the back chatter with my colleagues, although I did run into someone away from UP in the regular chat room (small world some days).

The classic use for the headphone is to free the hands and prevent neck creak. They could be handy for long phone consultations. I have fond memories of sales managers pacing the halls with phone headsets. It probably saved the life of a difficult customer.

I know our Cisco phones vary in features, but if yours has the “Headset” button or a headset jack in the back, then it could be an option.

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