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Teaching Ideas for an Interactive Language Map

I found a good resource for language data in the U.S. based on data from the 2000 Census and an update from 2005. It’s a good resource, but how can we maximize it’s impact on students? By blogging or class … Continue reading

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Reimaginging Text as Video

We had another good conversation in our Faculty Fellow meeting and at one point we talked about video documentation. We know from focus groups that faculty find video projects intimidating, but actually I kind of do also. We’ve identified lack … Continue reading

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Crucial Conversations and Reality TV

Last week, I completed the last of the Crucial Conversations Training where Lisa reminded us to keep practicing. Fortunately, both my personal and work life provide plenty of opportunity so I am not too worried about practicing. However another important … Continue reading

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Web 2009 Accessibility Presentation Files

Click links below to download PowerPoint file of presentation and PDF file of links. AccessibilityWeb2009Pyatt.ppt Accessibility Resources.pdf

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Why do I Duplicate So Much Documentation?

I’ve been on many projects where I spend time rewriting content – both technical documentation and course content. It seems to defy logic because if this content is already created why should another version be needed? Shouldn’t a link be … Continue reading

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Acessibility Can Be A Designer’s Best Friend

Here’s a scenario familiar to many instructional and visual designers – an ambitious instructor (or other non-design savvy professional) creates a product that can only be described as well… hideous, tacky, amateurish or maybe just “needing a little adjustment.” The … Continue reading

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That Text is Too Rich For Me

There are a lot of tech trends out there to comment on, but one of the sillier, in my opinion, is the tendency for cut and paste to capture formatting as well as text. Capturing format is useful if you … Continue reading

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