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Remembering 1979

Here at ETS we are reflecting somewhat on the meaning of 1969 on its 40th anniversary and remembering where we were. To be honest, I was a little young for 1969 (although my mother swears I saw the moon landing). … Continue reading

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Please Turn Off the Cell Phone When Driving

The New York Times has a fairly comprehensive article on the research showing that driving while phoning is pretty darn dangerous. How dangerous? It’s as bad as driving drunk…literally. You’re about 4 times more likely to cause an accident while … Continue reading

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Red Button –┬áPlease Don’t Quit Flash CS4

This is an entry in which I finally realize why Dave was having a rant about Flash CS4. Adobe CS4 has some annoying new “features” in which Adobe seems to be hoping that Mac users will see the beauty of … Continue reading

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A Year of Twitter

As we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the ETS Learning Design Summer Camp, I remember that I have another anniversary to celebrate – a year of Twitter. It was at a dinner last year that Robin2Go finally convinced me to … Continue reading

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Finding Images in the Google Life Magazine Archive

Google announced recently that they are making photos from Life Magazine (and actually Time-Life) available to the public. You can search the archive itself or you can go to the Google Image search page and add “source:life” to your search … Continue reading

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Trivia Quizzes for Learning

Can a quiz help you learn content? Yes…if it’s low stakes and you can repeat it. I was reminded of this when my colleague Brett Bixler sent this link to a European geography game from Lufthansa. This one is really … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Define “Instructional Design”

Every now and again, our instructional designer community has a discussion about how we define ourselves to world at large who haven’t had any courses in INSYS yet. There are a lot of reasons suggested including that we’re a relatively … Continue reading

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