Red Button – Please Don’t Quit Flash CS4

This is an entry in which I finally realize why Dave was having a rant about Flash CS4. Adobe CS4 has some annoying new “features” in which Adobe seems to be hoping that Mac users will see the beauty of the Windows style document interface and mainstream ourselves (not bloody likely – I want windows, not tabs). It’s a good thing that Adobe left us with Classic mode and Preferences to disable the new features (thank you Adobe).

However, there is still a serious problem in Flash CS4. On the Mac, the little red button in most applications means Close Document (Command-W) but leave the application running…except in Flash CS4. There, Flash thinks it’s in Windows and quits and closes all at once (Arggh!)

There are solutions to avoid this issue if you don’t like the Flash red button. Mine is Command-W to close and Command-Q to quit. Dave’s is Command-H to hide. In any case DON’T CLICK THE RED BUTTON until it’s time to leave for the day…unless you feel like grabbing a soda while the application reboots for your second document.

FYI – Most Windows apps also include the Control+W command for closing a document, but not quitting the application. This is handy if your life is too short to watch IE boot up AGAIN …. just because you closed a window after visiting a Web site.

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