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Compelling Video vs Compelling Research

Way back on Aug 3, I wrote a piece on the technical challenges of creating an academic video that could have the same function as a written thesis. However, I think there’s an even bigger challenge in that compelling video … Continue reading

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Creating an Accessible PDF from Word on the Mac

Developing accessible PDF from a Word File on the Mac is sort of a trick question because the tool set is different than that on Windows. It’s not terribly difficult, but you DO have to purchase the full version of … Continue reading

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Accessibility Developer Disconnects

I’ve been exploring some accessibility issues and have noticed some disconnects in how accessibility can be implemented. It seems like that the community is making some critical assumptions such that 1) All online content is developed by professionals or that … Continue reading

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Jakob Nielsen & Twitter Usability

If Jakob Nielsen is writing a usability article, we know Twitter is now 100% mainstream. Interestingly, this article though only covers release of corporate news information with tips for both writing punchy copy and for timing (9:01 is better than … Continue reading

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Using Flickr to Archive Photos for a Course

One of the grad students Teaching with Technology Certificate portfolios has a good example of using tagging in Flickr to organize photos that he’s taken which can be used in a course. Jason Brooks from Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies … Continue reading

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Smeal Honor Code Resources

This is the time of year when I check and update the external links for Web sites such as the Plagiarism Prevention Resources. I had a few new URLs to input, but it appears that the Smeal College of Business … Continue reading

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Video for Academic Purposes – A Few Challenges

An ongoing discussion we’ve been having in terms of digital literacy is how video can be made to have same quality (and status) as a traditional research paper. This is an interesting question to explore for many reasons, one of … Continue reading

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