Smeal Honor Code Resources

This is the time of year when I check and update the external links for Web sites such as the Plagiarism Prevention Resources. I had a few new URLs to input, but it appears that the Smeal College of Business has been very busyt preparing a whole new site on its “Honor Code” for its students.

There are actually two sites from Smeal on their Honor Code:

The second site at the Student Exchange has a lot of information about policy, but the first includes information about ethics in the business curriculum as well as videos from business leaders, faculty and students speaking about ethics. Interestingly, a major theme is how integrity relates to trust in building business relations and reputation. Another is the comfort level workers feel in working in an environment that values integrity.

Another feature of the Honor and Integrity site is the list of courses at Smeal ranging from first year seminars to the MBA level. The news in recent months and years has featured lots of business leaders doing unethical things. It’s good to see that Smeal is doing its part to show that business and integrity are good partners.

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