Using Flickr to Archive Photos for a Course

One of the grad students Teaching with Technology Certificate portfolios has a good example of using tagging in Flickr to organize photos that he’s taken which can be used in a course. Jason Brooks from Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies department uses a Flickr Stream to not only post his phoots, but to organize them into sets for different themes or different museums/sites.

I don’t know how the course is structured, but I can imagine that he can go to one set on a particular session to show the students the images. Having them organized by topics could also allow the students to go back and review the images by topic (presuming that they are aware of this site). Definitely a good shocase of Flickr for teaching.

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  1. It is a great idea … this gets at the tension I feel about the use of a lot of these spaces in teaching. I am constantly torn between just telling people to go have at it with external sources and limiting what they can accomplish by staying inside our walls. A great use of Flickr (which is not supported by PSU) and Weebly (also not supported).
    What could make this better? If he tagged his photos with a CC mark so others could use it as a teaching resource responsibly. He’s gone to great lengths to create an excellent teaching and learning space, but hasn’t opened it up for anyone else to reuse. I know it seems like a small thing, but shouldn’t we at least figure out how to have that conversation with Jason? Also, I wonder why Weebly and not our own environment? Not that it really matters as it seems he is perfectly capable with whatever tool he uses.
    Thanks for sharing this one!

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