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Overring the Ordered List CSS on MT

As I’ve noted before, I’m not too crazy about using CSS to control presentation of ordered lists. Normally, my solution is to declare my content XHTML transitional and still use the type=”” attribute. When playing with a content managment system … Continue reading

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The Interesting Point in danah boyd’s Web 2.0 Expo Speech

As some of you may have learned 2 months ago, danah boyd was rather nastily critiqued on the Twitter screen behind her during her Web 2.0 Expo keynote video. For those of you “not in the loop”, what happened was … Continue reading

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Will Motion Impaired Users be the Next “Hot” Accessibility Audience?

I’m fairly cautious when it comes to predicting the future, especially in terms of technology, but I will go out on a limb here and make one. But first, a little background. The “Hot” Accessibility Audience Effect The “accessibility audience” … Continue reading

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Maxing out the TWT Certificate Experience

For several years now, I have been administering the Teaching with Technology Certificate program for graduate student instructors. It’s a great program which allows students to learn how to think about teaching and putting what they have learned into a … Continue reading

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Mind Maps Gone Wild

Scott McDonald on the Stuff Blog pointed out a great mind map parody on Flickr and I have to agree – it’s really one messy mind map. I’ll replicate the effect of this mind map in this history of English … Continue reading

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