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LDSC10: Can this Boring Course Be Saved?

The online Summer Camp survey I filled out asked for our takeaway points, and I admit that one thing I remembered was a discussion of how the lessons from Sam Richards class on race relations could be applied to an … Continue reading

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Book Review: Shut and Shoot Documentary Guide

My Video Angst So here’s my ongoing video dilemma – one I think shared by a lot of instructors and some instructional designers who are not video professionals share. While I think video is a powerful communication tool, and one … Continue reading

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Online Learning: It’s Still All About the Learning Objective

Today’s presentation by Chris and Cole sparked a discussion on how they can be applied to online learning. One interesting comment I heard was that having defined learning objectives was constraining the design. But maybe the problem is that we … Continue reading

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M-Learning in Africa: Lessons in Adapting

One of the projects I’ve been working on is a Global Snapshot conference in which teams have been capturing comparative data about e-learning and m-learning around the world. I’ve been working on researching Africa in particular. Someone asked what ETS … Continue reading

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Play the Moron Test

I’ve been trying to review games for the iPad, but one that’s a classic on both the iPhone and the iPad is the Moron Test by DistinctDev. It’s popular enough to have both a Facebook page and a set of … Continue reading

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