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Accessibility at Bravo TV?

Just wanted to note an interesting trend on the Bravo TV celebrity blogs. Some blogs like that of Top Chef judge Tom Collichio are all text, but some like that of judge Eric Ripert are video blogs. Recently though, Bravo … Continue reading

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Unsual Online Graphic Tools

Here’s an interesting Web-based graphics tool I ran into very circuitously. It started out with a message about dueling church signson the theme of what happens to your canine companion in the after life. However, I checked and found … Continue reading

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TWT College of Comm Presentation


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Fran├ža Ant├írtica: A Forgotten Colonial Era Brought to Life

From: A development team from the UFF (Federal Fluminense University) in Brazil has created an action-adventure video game which brings a forgotten era, France’s attempt to establish the colony of “French Anartica” near modern Rio de Janeiro to life. … Continue reading

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Another Comment on the Hauser Scandal

I’m one of the many academics astonished by the recent scandal in which serious accusations of research misconduct have been leveled against Marc Hauser of Harvard University. If you’re not aware of the scandal, Hauser is essentially accused of misreporting … Continue reading

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Technology in the Amazon

A few weeks ago, I commented that blindly adopting new technology doesn’t always work in every situation around the globe. But when new technology adoption is done thoughtfully, it can produce amazing results. On one of my Listservs, they published … Continue reading

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An Initial HTML 5 Test

HTML 5 has been suggested as an alternate for interactive apps such as games and multimedia, so I thought I would join in on the testing fun. My actual interest is actually a basic one – how difficult is it … Continue reading

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