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New Media Seminar Week 7: What Did I Learn This Week?

We had an interesting week here in the Penn State New Media Seminar Week about our satisfaction with the program. My own personal take is that even though I have some questions about some aspects, the experience has had enough … Continue reading

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Example of Medium vs Message

I think we would all agree that this week’s “New Media Reader” essay was a little difficult to digest, but I did want to end the week with a light hearted wrap up. I was listening to a recording of … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Week 6: “The Medium is the Message”

This semester I have been participating in a seminar on new media, and we did an overview of the meme “The medium is the message” originated by Marshall McLuhan. I should admit up front that I only had time to … Continue reading

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Buffy vs Edward: Another Masup with Fair Use

One of the topics the Media Commons discussed in a vodcast about the Open Video conference was the changing perception of copyright in videos. Whereas about 5-10 years ago media specialists and instructional designers (myself included) were emphasizing caution when … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Week 5: Behold the Personal Computer

The good news is that I finally made it to a New Media discussion in ETS. This week’s discussion focused on the paper Personal Dynamic Media, a paper by Alan Kay and Adele Goldbergdating to the 1970s. This is a … Continue reading

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Periodic Table Design: The Good, the Bad and the Pretty?

One of the most unique reference tools people will use is the periodic table of chemical elements. This is a tool where not only each block in the table has information (about each element), but the layout also has a … Continue reading

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