Example of Medium vs Message

I think we would all agree that this week’s “New Media Reader” essay was a little difficult to digest, but I did want to end the week with a light hearted wrap up.

I was listening to a recording of 60’s humorist introducing himself at a concert and pondering the effect of spoken vs written text. Thanks to various Internet outlets, you can actually read his “biography” as a text doc, but I bet you will find it even funnier hearing his biography as spoken audio

In the text, you can scan ahead and see where the satiric elements are coming in, but when it’s just spoken, then “timing” comes into place. In the case, it’s the delicate art of presenting a point in a very formal, academic manner, then taking a sudden left turn off a cliff (while maintaining academic discipline). So classic it still holds up (yikes) half a century later.

And since we’re discussing mediums, I will also mention you a partial mashup of Tom Leherer’s “New Math” enhanced with animated math problems as well as the animated mashup with a modern lip synch artist. New media definitely adds new meaning here.

With Extra Animation (Base 10 only)

With Base 8 Extra Problem

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