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Tailgate: Considering Un-Narrated Media

It’s Monday after an excellent Media Commons Tailgate, and it’s time to contemplate any insights I’ve had. Where we are in the Story My first thought is that the Media Commons staff and faculty have come a long way in … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Week 9: Obsession in the Classroom?

This week’s reading was on Video Games and Computer Holding Power by Sherry Turkle, which summarizes her ethnographic observations of game players from 1984. I thought was thoughtful in that it pointed out that gaming wasn’t mindless, but pointed out … Continue reading

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Plagiarism Scandal, Version Web 2.0

As many an instructor will bemoan, the Internet giveth a lot to plagiarizers in terms of paper mill sites, Wikipedia and just an abundance of online text students can make off with for term papers. But as I found it … Continue reading

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Sloan-C ALN: Trends and Highlights

I went to my first Sloan-C ALN conference last week somewhere in central Florida near some lovely historic towns and lovely lakeside scenery. Location aside, I found the Sloan-C conference interesting because it is appealing to a wide audience from … Continue reading

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